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"Of all the fuckin' luckr" "Don't worry. Stevens ain't classic tall boots goin' nowhere." The door to the apartment burst *#tlzqm30 open and the doctor and the two interns entered, pushing the stretcher ahead of them. Swiftly the two killers shoved their guns into their overcoat pockets. The doctor walked up to the brother. "Is he dead?""Who?" "The suicide victim. Is he dead or alive?" The two killers looked at black ugg each other, bewildered. "You guys got the wrong apartment." The doctor pushed past the two killers and tried the bedroom door. "It's locked. Help me break it down." The two brothers watched helplessly as the doctor and the interns smashed the door open with their shoulders. The doctor stepped into the bedroom. "Bring the stretcher." He moved to the bedside where Judd lay on the bed. "Are you all right?" Judd looked up, trying to make his eyes focus. "Hospital," mumbled Judd. "You're on your way." As the two killers watched in the stretcher into the bedroom, wrapped him in blankets.frustration, the chestnut ugg boots interns wheeled skillfully slid Judd onto it. "Let's blow," said Rocky. The doctor watched the two men leave. Then he turned to Judd, who lay on the stretcher, his face white and haggard. "Are you all right, Judd?" His voice was filled with deep concern. Judd tried a smile that didn't come off. "Great," he said. He could scarcely hear his own voice. "Thanks, Pete." Peter looked down at his friend, then nodded to the two interns."Let's go!" he hospital room was different, but the nurse was the same. A glaring bundle of disapproval. Seated at his bedside, she was the first thing that Judd saw when women nike air max he opened his eyes. "Well. We're up," she said primly. "Dr. Harris wants to see you. I'll tell him we're awake." She walked stiffly out of the room. Judd sat up, moving carefully. Arm and leg reflexes a bit slow,but uninipaired. He tried focusing on a chair across the room, one eye at a time. His vision was a little blurred. "Want a consultation?" He looked up. Dr. Seymour Harris had come into the room. "Well," Dr. Harris said cheerfully, ;'you're turning out to be one of our best customers. Do you know how much your stitching bill alone is? We're going to have to give you discount rates. . . . How did you sleep, Judd?" He sat down on the edge of the bed. "Like a baby. What did you give me?" 6'A shot of sodium luminol." "What time is it?""Noon." "My God," Judd said. "I've got to get out of here." Dr. Harris removed the chart from the clipboard he carried."What would you like to talk about first? Your concussion? Lacer- a\io'oLs! Qon~sionsv' "I feel fine."

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